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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Children's Books and Music Help Build Self-Esteem

Children's books help young people understand the world around them and how they fit into that world. Children's fiction gives children the chance to explore the world from different perspectives, broadening their sense of what it means to be a human being. Books for children, including audio books, help children develop self-esteem and empathy for other people and other forms of life. Even for very young children, hearing stories and looking at colors and faces in board books has meaning.

The Early Books

For young children the experience of books, starting with picture books, is enhanced by the relationship with the reader. Reading to children (which may mean looking at pictures together) not only has a powerful effect on the children's future ability to learn, it also associates the pleasure of books with the comfort of the reader's attention. Research shows that reading to children brings many benefits. Taking children to a library exposes them to the world of books and gives them the chance to choose books. An enjoyable experience in a library, even for pre-readers, helps establish a love of and comfort with books.

Books for Young Readers

Once young people learn to read themselves they have many exciting and enjoyable experiences awaiting them. They can lose themselves in the adventures of other young people. They can explore subjects that interest them. They can relax with a book, needed break from a high-paced and stressful world. Reading brings with it a sense of accomplishment and independence. As a kindergartner is on the cusp of learning to read, he or she often experiences a powerful frustration and desire.

Coloring books and activity books give kids the opportunity to interact with books. Children's cookbooks teach young people the satisfaction of creating something valuable by following directions. Well into adulthood many people remember the pictures they colored, the food they made, and the dots they connected through interactive books. Such activity-based books are ideal homeschool books.

Children's Music

Like books, music has a profound effect on children. Kids respond not only to children's music, but also to classical and contemporary music. Music has the ability to calm, excite, and bring great pleasure. Moving to music in a type of primitive dance is one of a child's earliest experiences of relating to the outside world.

Poetry for Children

In a certain sense, poetry combines music and literature. Starting with nursery rhymes, moving to folk songs, and continuing through understanding of the power of poetic language, poetry expresses what prose misses. Too often, however, parents steer their children away from poetry, perhaps because of their own discomfort or misunderstanding of the medium.

Books and Electronic Media

Many different forms of electronic media now compete with children's books for the attention of young people. The complete array of available media enhances learning opportunities as long as a balance is maintained. Just as television did not replace radio a generation ago, electronic media will not replace books. Each place a different role in preparing young people for the full experience of the worlds they inhabit.
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